Lead web developer with over ten years of experience working with Drupal versions 6 and greater. Experience mentoring junior developers, patching existing contributed modules, as well as developing custom modules and contributing them back. Well versed in multiple languages and web technologies including PHP, Drupal, JavaScript, React, MySQL, MongoDB, RESTful APIs, Linux, Symfony, Apache, nginx, PHPUnit, Xdebug, Selenium, and Git.


Rehab Creative

Senior Drupal Developer - Englewood, CO - Mar 2019-Present
  • Worked on a multi-site setup with several config splits for individual sites and for groups of sites.
  • Created APIs to help sites communicate with each other. One main site had a dashboard that showed information from other sites. That information included whether or not config is overridden and queues are backed up on each individual site.
  • Created a custom entity browser to pick images from Widen, an external vendor.
  • Set up Solr for clients using geolocation features.
  • Prepared Drupal 8 sites to be Drupal 9 ready.
  • Introduced CI processes to sites using Travis CI, Github workflows, or Bitbucket pipelines.

Interpersonal Frequency

Drupal Engineer - Denver, CO - Sept 2017-Feb 2019
  • Develop websites for libraries, city and county governments.
  • Built optimized searches for libraries with Solr and/or ElasticSearch.
  • Built a service to import library MARC records on an hourly basis to keep the search index up to date with content and availability.
  • Integrated with library applications such as SirsiDynix, EBSCO, OverDrive, RbDigital, and BiblioCommons.
  • Established developer workflow and processes within the company for better efficiency including git workflow, code review, configuration management and deployment processes.
  • Worked with the CTO to develop plans for writing tests on new projects.


Lead Developer - Denver, CO - Mar 2017-Present
  • Lead developer on a newsletter tool that involved a drag and drop interface to pull in articles from multiple solr indices. Newsletters would then be exported in HTML email format to Marketo through their API.
  • Introduced processes to the team to improve development and QA workflow.
  • Created a git hook that code sniffed files to make sure you’re following Drupal coding standards, as well as git hooks that checked for syntax errors and debugging code left in.
  • Wrote scripts that the team could use that improved productivity in their daily workflow.
  • Mentored junior developers on the team with implementation ideas, custom code and hooks, debugging, and git commands.
  • Worked with external contractors, providing answers to development questions, and doing code reviews.


Back-end Drupal Developer - Denver, CO - Nov 2014-Mar 2017
  • Worked with a small team on multiple client projects that are all at different stages of development.
  • Worked on several Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 sites, all with extensive custom development requirements.
  • Several projects involved custom work with organic groups, commerce, rules, views, and context.
  • Primary back-end developer on a project that combined dozens of old Drupal 6 sites into one new Drupal 7 site. Included hundreds of datapoints that the client wanted to be able to update dynamically at any time, so I built a migration where they could update a spreadsheet with the datapoints and import the spreadsheet.
  • Primary resource on the team for developing various migrations, including migrating from Drupal 6 to 7, 7 to 8, and migrating from CSV files.
    Implemented new process in our staging and local environments to improve email handling so we could test without fear of test emails getting sent out.

Senior Web Developer - Addison, TX - Jan 2012-Nov 2014
  • Develop features in Drupal 6 and 7.
  • Work with Drupal 7 Commerce modules.
  • Develop custom modules for, many contributed back to
  • Work with API endpoints to enable two separate Drupal sites communicate between each other.
  • Write selenium tests to cover new features.
  • Work with drush during development and testing.
  • Write PHP and SQL scripts to execute tasks.

Independent Contractor

Drupal/PHP Developer - Amarillo, TX - Aug 2010-Dec 2011
  • Develop websites using Drupal as the CMS.
  • Perform updates and improvements to existing Drupal sites.
  • Freelance work on PHP based websites.
  • Work directly with multiple clients to give them the website that they desire.

Hale Publishing

Web Developer - Amarillo, TX - Jan 2010-Dec 2011
  • Lead the task of transferring the Hale Publishing website to Drupal.
  • Develop custom Drupal modules specific to Hale Publishing’s needs.
  • Develop the website in Drupal.
  • Develop an interactive system in CakePHP for a call center take calls and log information from the clients.
  • Administer the servers, network and configure backups.


Programmer/Analyst - Manhattan, KS - Dec 2004-Aug 2009
  • Program Oracle reports and write JSP pages.
  • Develop web sites using JSP, JavaScript, CSS, AJAX, and HTML.
  • Create and access XML documents via JavaScript DOM.
  • Write, optimize, and test SQL queries.

Kansas State CIS Department

Research Assistant - Manhattan, KS - Apr 2004-Dec 2004
  • Improve upon scheduling algorithms for a Linux cluster.
  • Assist in writing papers to be published for conferences.


Kansas State University - Manhattan, KS

B.S. in Computer Science
Major GPA: 3.84/4.0
Cumulative GPA: 3.67/4.0


Available on request