GoDaddy and Drupal

I never realized how bad shared hosting could be until I converted a previously static site that was hosted on GoDaddy to Drupal. The performance went down the drain fast. It wasn’t uncommon for a page to take 10 seconds, or even 30 seconds, to load. I did what I could to improve performance, including installing the Boost module. Boost helps quite a bit for anonymous users, but not for authenticated users.

Eventually, we moved the site to Green Geeks and there are no longer any 10+ second page loads! The site is still on shared hosting because that is all the client can afford, but the performance is so much better. It is unreal how bad GoDaddy is with Drupal websites. I get the feeling probably just about any host would outperform GoDaddy.

Moral of the story: If you are going to build a Drupal site on shared hosting, do not use GoDaddy unless you like to bake a cake between page loads.