Marathon training

Today is the start of marathon training. It is an 18 week journey that ends up taking up a lot of your time, but I am ready to embark on it again.

I did my first marathon in December of last year in the Dallas White Rock marathon. It was a great experience and I enjoyed it a lot, but I stumbled a little toward the end and got a worse time than I hoped for. This year I hope to improve upon my time.

This time I am doing the Prairie Fire Wichita Marathon since one of my brothers currently lives in Wichita. It is possible that all three of my brothers as well as my wife will join in the marathon this year, but some of them are undecided as of now. Wichita is a flat course, which most runners like to hear. It doesn’t have anything like the Dolly Parton hills at mile 20 like Dallas did. That was about where things got real tough for me last year.

I am looking forward to another marathon experience. The entire journey, the training as well as the race, is something that you never forget. The feeling you get from completing the journey is unlike any feeling you’ll get from any shorter races (not that there is anything wrong with shorter races). If you are interested in a documentary that captures the marathon experience, I highly recommend The Spirit of the Marathon.